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Dad’s todo list before the baby arrives: A complete list from pregnancy to birth :PaydayOH

How can fathers’ prepare before the baby arrives. Here is a whole list of things dads should take care of before the little angel arrives.

Starting a family is not an easy task. Fatherhood comes with many new responsibilities that will always find a way to surprise you no matter how much you prepare for. But keeping that in mind, there are few things you “MUST” prepare for in advance to make your life a bit easier. So, we devised a complete list of things dads should do before the baby arrives.

complete list from pregnancy to birth PaydayOH

complete list from pregnancy to birth PaydayOH

Baby proofing your house 

One of the most important parts for dads is to make sure that the house is safe for their newborn baby. Many believe they have plenty of time to babyproof the house and leave it for too late. But the truth is baby-proofing has to be done within the third trimester of the pregnancy. After that, you will not have the energy to pull it off and trust me; it will take much longer than you think at the start. We have a full guide on how to baby-proof your house.

Buy an Infant Car Seat

Parents need to have an infant car seat at the hospital. Parents must show nurses that they can put the child in a suitable car seat before the child can be sent home. So installing a baby car seat and practising how to stripe the baby is important. You don’t want to wait too late to learn this skill.

Build baby furniture

Although it seems obvious, some parents put off putting together the changing table. They assume that the crib will come later, as they are co-sleeping with the baby in the middle. But things can move quickly, and before you know it, you will require a crib. Making a DIY crib can be a good alternative if the budget is short, but it will be tiring to make one once the baby comes out. So we recommend making all the necessary baby furniture before the due date.

Buy essentials in bulk.

Essential things for babies, like diapers and napkins, can get quite expensive given the sheer large quantity of them you need. It will be a great idea to buy in bulk during discounts, so one of the primary responsibilities is to look for sales and narrow down all the essentials that the baby and the mother might need and shop around in bulk.

Keep your schedule clear.

Dads also must make sure that they don’t have any urgent work a couple of weeks into the delivery. It is an emotional time for both the mother and the newborn baby, so we highly recommend you keep your schedule interrupted and devote all your time to them. All your important meetings and business essentials can wait.

Many offices also have child benefits. Check with your supervisors about it. You may be inclined to a couple of week’s paid leave. So, it is better to get all these things sorted.

Ask of assistance

It is important to ask for assistance from friends and family. Parenting has a steep learning curve, and often experienced friends or family members can help. But make sure to seek their service before making sure they have all schedules cleared.

Give yourself a head start.

Parents will not be able to cook or shop for groceries in the first few weeks. So it is a good idea to stock on groceries. Parents will also be less inclined to clean. Parents should make sure to clean the house once more weeks before the due date. Move the furniture, clean the carpets and dust fans. Bleach the bathrooms and organize the cabinets. Keep all things nice and clean as after the baby pops out, it is highly unlikely that you will have the strength to do any thorough cleaning for months. Also, keeping everything tidy is essential as germs can build up in unclean places, which can cause different complications for the newborn.

Premade frozen dishes can be a lifesaver for new parents. Parents will have to make their meals, and the meal train will stop coming from friends and family members. So it is a good idea to be well prepared and have some meals cooked and frozen, so all you have to do for the first week after the baby is born is microwave.

Take precaution for covid.

A pandemic may also influence your preparation with the newborn. Stock up on the essential cleaning and make sure to consult a doctor on the products you’re using to sanitize things that are in direct contact with the baby.

Allowing visitors

This announcement is more important than ever and, in many ways, more complicated. Your friends and family may want to see the baby, but we do not recommend opening the door for them just yet, as we are still going through the pandemic. Zoom introductions are a great way for friends to get to know your baby and not have to limit their visits to the nursery. Although it’s not ideal, it can help parents avoid the guilt and stress of opening their home to friends and family who wish to spend time with the child.

To sum up

Following these steps will ensure you are better prepared for the baby’s arrival. But there are other small purchases that you may have to make, like cleaning products, toys, Bassinet, baby lotion, baby clothes, and much more.

We understand the financial crunch you may face while expecting the baby. There are hospital bills to be prepared for and also many unforeseen expenses. To make your life a tad easier, we recommend you check on taking a quick payday loan. These loans are easy to get as they require no credit check. All you need is a banking account and proof of employment, and you can get your loan approved in an hour. You can pay off the loan from your next paycheck to PaydayOH lenders.

We hope these tips will help you prepare for the big day. We would love to hear back, so comment below and let us know what you think.

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