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Think of taking a payday loan – FINANCE FUNDING – GEORGIA

Life is to be lived to the fullest and the abundant opportunities are provided by Georgia. The sprawling wilderness of forests in the north and long stretched coast line in the south provides a big canvas to paint your dreams on. The low cost of living as compared to national average makes it easier to work, play and live. People here are athletic with the kind of topography they have, they are outdoorsy.

All this have attracted people of different cultures to come and settle here. It is one of the most diversely populated places in the nation, contributing to its rich culture, cuisine, entertainment and art. It has something for everyone, the busy city life of a metropolis, laid back small town life, mountain life and beach life. Which one you want to go for? The choice is yours.

Life is to be lived to the fullest what may be the situation. There are people who fall short on money due to sudden spike in expenditure because living can pinch your pocket. Suppose you have passion to paint but you want to have some professional knowledge regarding it and you could find some online course on MOOC. You want to follow your passion, so you enroll yourself for the course. This upsets your  monthly budget. So you think of taking a payday loan.

What are Online payday loans?

It is a short term loan to be repaid by the next payday. The rate of interest can be heavy.

  • Popularity
  • Speedy – It is very quick, the lenders do not withhold decision, once the information filled is found to be correct.
  • Requirement- You just need to be an American citizen of at least 18 years of age with the regular income of at least $1,000
  • No collateral – For availing pay day loan you need not mortgage any valuable.
  • Even bad credit history is OK – The lenders do not dig the past, they are just concerned with the present regular income. On that basis the loan is given.



Is payday loan legal in Georgia?

The kind of loans with high rate of interest charged by the lenders is illegal in the state of Georgia. Small dollar loans are regulated and all the lenders need to abide by the rules. Any lender trying to charge more rate can be  pursued by criminal action cases.


  • Rules for small loans
  • Maximum Amount- $3000
  • Time Period: 36 months
  • Loan fee – 8% for first $600 and 4% for everything above $600.

Typical cost of Bad credit Loan in Georgia

Several factors are responsible for  the type of fee charged by the lender.

  • It depends on the amount borrowed
  • If payment not made on time, then late fee is charged.
  • If the check of your lender is bounced because of insufficient funds then you need to pay for it
  • Some lenders charge extra money.
  • Some fee is charged for paying the loan before time
  • There is fine of charged for late payment.
  • Maintenance fee: Some lenders charge maintenance fee too.
  • Explore other options

    Ask for more time

    If you are taking payday or short term loan to  pay installment of some other loan taken against collateral. then talk to the creditor for more time to be given.

    A credit card advance

    To meet the emergency situation , an advance can be taken against the credit card.

    Ask Family or friend for advance instead of taking high rate interest.

    There is no harm in exploring the possibility of taking help. Borrow money from your friends and relatives.

    There are fair chances that the money required be provided. You just need to be careful before borrowing money from the lenders. Ensure that the lender is licensed. See that there are no hidden charges. You can ask the lender to give you written information regarding the percentage of rate and late fee if any.

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