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Lake Charles- Pay day loan

Lake Charles is one of the largest cities of Louisiana, USA and plays a pivotal role in the cultural, educational and industrial domain of the southern region of the state of Louisiana. At the time of census of 2010, the population was estimated to be 71,993 which has grown to 76,848, ranking Lake Charles at a solid 5th position in terms of population. The people of Lake Charles satisfy their gambling itch by going to the 3 major casinos in the city,one of them being the L’Auberge du Lac Casino which stands 26-stories tall with almost a thousand rooms, a spa, gift shops, a beauteous lake and swimming pools.

Lake Charles is full of adventures. The Creole Adventure Trail is one of the most loved scenic byways of the country and is referred to as Louisiana’s Outback. With over 400 species of birds, alligators, marshlands abundant with life-forms, this 180 miles long nature trail can be called an experience of a lifetime.

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The weather in Lake Charles is really humid because of the hot air and the moisture in the air. Other cities like Astoria, Oregon, Port Arthur and Texas are similar to Lake Charles when it comes to humidity. But the humidity doesn’t stop the people from celebrating the festival of Mardi Gras which alone attracts a crowd of approximately 150,000 people.

Lake Charles is full of talented people and is home to many actors, musicians and artists. The art galleries of Lake Charles are very dynamic with their artwork because they constantly keep shifting it. The learning of these art-forms is open to the general public with classes that teach painting of dishes, making of jewelry etc. Another example of rich culture of Lake Charles are the museums. With Children’s Museum, Mardi Gras Museum and The DeQuincy
Railroad Museum, there is no shortage of history lessons in Lake Charles.


The cost of living in Lake Charles, Louisiana is quite low as compared to other states and is just below the national average. The unemployment rate has gone down significantly in the last 10-12 years. The rate of unemployment back in October of 2005 was 15.2% and is now gone to a mere 3.1% as of March 2019(source= U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics), which is a massive drop.

payday loans lake charles illinois

payday loans lake charles illinois

The 76K population of Lake Charles, LA has a median age of 35 and a median household income

of approximately $40K which is less than the median annual income of $60K . The current

median income of Lake Charles is an increase of 9.2% from 2016. During this period the

population increased by just 0.2%. According to the American Community Survey(ACS) the

poverty rate of the city of Lake Charles is 22.9%.

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Since the poverty rate of Lake Charles, Louisiana is almost the double of the median poverty rate of the US(12.3%), the residents have to rely on loans such as Payday Loans to make end meet.

The Payday Loan industry of Louisiana is highly regulated. The practices are really tough and there are heavy restrictions on various payday organization functions which are made to protect the citizens from malicious schemes.

If a lender offer online payday loans then they need to complete a registration. Offering Payday Loans without being registered is illegal in the city of Lake Charles.  Registration is mandatory even if the lender does not offer any other loan solutions.

Regardless of the rules and regulations there are some unfair lenders that operate under a different license and loan out payday loans with different entitlement but with higher rates of interest and drive revenue.

Payday Loan Regulations of Lake Charles

  • It is legal to hand out Payday Loans in the city of Lake Charles, Louisiana.
  • The maximum loan amount is $350.
  • The maximum loan term for a single loan is 60 days or less.
  • The maximum Finance Rate and Fees are: 16.75% of face value of check, $10 fees for documentation. (After default: for months 1 to 12: 36% per year and for months 13 and beyond: 18% per year)
  • Rollovers or refunds are not allowed.
  • The Finance Charge for on a loan of $100 for a period of 14 days is $30.
  • The APR on a $100 dollar loan for a period of 14 days is 780%.

Companies like Quick Cash 24 offer bad credit payday loans by just filling up an online application form and provide various services to make payday loans an easy process.

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