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No two generations can be the same because life never walks backward. There is only one thing that remains constant and that is CHANGE. Americans are undergoing transition period, they have come from Baby Boomers to Millennial’s who are altogether different from their previous generation. Their way of thinking, living, working, set of values are completely different. Millennial’s constitute more than one quarter of the US population and the majority of the workforce. This is a generation bigger than boomers in population but their wallet is smaller. This generation wants to live life to the fullest. They want to experience almost everything. They want to go for branded clothes, eating out, partying, travelling. They really want to have quality life but quality comes with its own tag price.

Instant Approval Online Payday Loans

How Much Online Payday Loans you Need?

Get Started Now!

It has been observed that 11% of Americans have considered   payday loan at some point of time to meet their expenses. Millennial’s and Generation X rely on payday loans the most. The   younger tech savvy generation has a wider option of digital platform open to them 24X7. The online pay day loan is taken as a good option by the younger generation who wants to make the most of their time. They don’t want to waste it in waiting for appointments to be fixed, visiting banks and then filling lengthy forms and then getting the loan approved. Online Payday loan works on the dictum of speed. Online payday loan offers advance of $100 to $ 1500   for  a short period of time till the payday check is received. It is like stop gap arrangement. The online payday helps the youngsters taste the life to the fullest as they believe in living now and they do not postpone happiness. They do not delay living. It is believed that 51% of millennial have taken up online payday loan to shoot their bucket list. They can take loan for varied can vary from renovating a room, to vacations, to meeting medical emergency.

Advantages of borrowing online payday loans

online payday loan

online payday loan

If the borrowers are of the new generation, so are the lenders. Lenders too respect time of their customer and try to stick to their claims made in advertisements.

Quick approvals
Online lenders can tell you more or less instantly whether or not the advance can be approved, how much money you can borrow and what your payments will look like. Most of the traditional banks depend on the lengthy procedure.

Better Rates

It is easier to shop around and compare the rates, as the competition is high sometimes the lenders provide it at a low rate. You should go for the lower rates and the smaller service fee. Online payday loans Ohio lenders do not have physical branches at various places to maintain and they don’t face regulatory costs so this definitely hints at low rate of interest means you will have to pay less.

Easier Approvals

The traditional banks have gone skittish over the approval of   the loan  , they ask for very good credit score if you don’t have good credit history then  the loan is not approved. Whereas the online payday lenders do not give much importance to your credit history. They understand the struggling phase of an individual and are ready to lend money on low credit score.

Unsecured loan

Most online loans are unsecured, means they are not taken against pledging your assets. If you are not able to pay then your assets are secure.


The younger generation in a  haste or because of paucity of time tend to get trapped by online money lenders. They get lured by the   advertisements and actually forget to calculate how much they need to pay including the interest and the principal amount, unfortunately most of the times it is many times more than the principal amount. The interest rates are staggering to an average of nearly 400% APR.

online payday lenders have been termed as sharks and the consumer financial protection bureau   wanted to tighten the noose on the payday lenders but it turned opposite, the pay day lenders won a major victory against the tougher restrictions that were to take effect later this year.

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