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Californian – The Sunny City Getting Tanned by the Heat of Loans

California is famous for its cities San Francisco and Los Angeles, Nevada Mountains, sunny weather to match the sunny spirited, athletic people, who are robust, health conscious and loves to live life to the fullest. It is the birth place of many fashions. The hippie movement started in San Francisco.  It is the largest producer of organic products .The lifestyle of California is enviable. The natural beauty of the place, the flora, fauna uplifts your mind and soul.

California like many other states has proved to be resilient, it is back on foot after economic depression, it is short on revenues and high on debts but the economic health has seen a lot of improvement over the years. Many qualified youth are still unemployed and are not able to add to its economic growth. The reason for the unemployment is that they are unskilled. California has added two million residents so the production of jobs gets imbalanced and is not able to pace up with the in -flow of people coming to California.

The average Californian has to undergo financial crunch and strain in day to day life and sometimes feels bewildered to cope up with financial emergency. Then they make the choice of Online Payday loans. They are forced to do so by the usual culprits like wage stagnation, apathetic attitude of banks towards the poor , the expensive housing and healthcare. The combination of all the factors forces an individual to depend on payday loans which charge high interest.

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How Much Online Payday Loans you Need?

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Payday loan is a short term loan which you need to repay on the next payday. Thus the name Payday. This kind of loan helps you to deal with the financial crisis at hand .Most of the poor people use this to do away with the financial emergency because they do not have much property or assets against which they can take loan. Moreover the lender does not ask for the collateral. It is on the basis of your pay that the loan is lent.

The state rules regulate the payday loan industry

Payday Loan in California No Credit Check

online payday loans california no credit check

online payday loans california no credit check

Maximum Loan Amount- Not more than$300 can be lent under this title.

Minimum Loan Term – The loan borrowed has to be repaid within 31days.

Maximum fee-15% of the check amount  , which touches $45

Maximum APR– APR is annual rate of interest which cannot exceed 460% for 14 days loan of $100.

Rollovers – Rollovers are when the lender renews the loan and charges new interest and fee in case the borrower is not able to pay within the stipulated period of time. Rollovers are not allowed.

Loan Limit- You can only have one payday at a time.


Moving beyond Payday loans – Installment Loan

Installment loan is the loan which is taken in lump sum but repaid in installments. Usually the monthly installment is calculated and fixed beforehand.  If the loan is for longer period then the monthly installment is less but overall the rate of interest turns out to be more. On the other hand if monthly installment is more, your loan gets over sooner and you pay less interest on the money borrowed, so it is beneficial.

Installment loan is generally secured loan, means given against collateral. All do not have valuable assets to avail this facility. That is the reason that the people from lower strata go for payday loans.

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