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Spread over about 112 square miles and located in the center of the San Joaquin Valley, that is the southern portion of California’s Central Valley, Fresno is the 34th largest city in America. With the population of more than 900,000, life in Fresno is anything but not boring. From the liveliness of the Tower District to the wine walks in the streets of Old Town Clovis, Fresno proudly states that it has something to offer to everybody. Fresno is proud of its minor-league baseball team – The Fresno Grizzlies, and even prouder of their fluffy, orange mascot – Parker T. Bear, who won the title of the best mascot in 2007.Apart from baseball, the people of Fresno are crazy about the football team – Fresno State Bulldogs and it is evident in their cheering during the matches.If you are an admirer of art, don’t worry, Fresno has got you covered too. Fresno art museum boasts of many masterpieces displayed. Other than the gallery, the museum also offers workshops and art excursions.
payday loans Fresno ca

payday loans Fresno ca


Anybody who loves shopping, fret not, for Fresno is your paradise! From Fig Garden Village to Fashion Fair Mall, you can go on a shopping spree.

People who are enthralled by antiques, Old Town Clovis in Fresno County is the place for you. Roaming among the local shops and restaurants, you never know what treasures you may find.

While all the bling and glow of Fresno makes one’s eyes shine bright with wonder, it can also become blinding if not kept in check. It is the basic human behavior to mirror others, especially when they seem to be doing better than us. All the glitz and glamour around can make one ostentatious. There is after all one life to live and dreams are dreams, big or small. For some just renovating their room can be a dream. For others, following the passion of learning to paint or playing guitar can be one, or just moving out for vacation. There are certain things you have on your mind but never enough money to fulfill those little dreams.

Payday Loans in Fresno

These little dreams can be pumped in with some finances and brought back to life. The small advance which makes you live your dreams is worth taking. Payday loans can act as a ventilator for your small dreams which can actually make you feel happy.

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How Much Online Payday Loans you Need?

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Payday loans are the loans of small amount that one needs to repay within a limited amount of time, say a month. Payday loan means that the person borrowing the money will return it as soon as he gets the next paycheck.

Who can qualify for payday loans?

Anyone who is an American citizen and has a regular income of $1,000 can apply for it. You need to have an account in bank , a valid telephone number and a valid address.

The payday loan can be had from a front store or from digital platform. You do not require any collateral against which loan is issued. This loan does not take enough time to get it sanctioned.

The online lenders provide service 24X7 and in case of emergency you can even apply from anywhere and at anytime.

In Fresno, a person can get a loan of $300 with maximum 15% of interest. This makes the annual Percentage Rate (APR) quite high and in some cases, even higher than this.

Here is the other thing. If by any chance, the person who has borrowed the money is unable to return the money by due-date, the lender then offers an alternative known as ‘rollover’. This means that the lender would be willing to extend the date but would charge extra for that. They even offer to provide a new loan to return the old one, thereby starting what is called ‘The Cycle of Debt’. Most of the times, the borrower becomes incapable of returning the money because of such high rates of interest and becomes victim of this cycle.

Even though in California it is now prohibited to roll over a loan by law, one who is considering the idea of borrowing money from Guaranteed payday Loan lenders still needs to keep this in mind that there can always be dire consequences of such lending practices.

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