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Payday loans in Carbon Hill (AL) – Online Payday Loans Alabama

I live in a small city of Alabama called Carbon Hill along with my husband and two sons. The city is known for the many churches it houses. Schooling in the city majorly relies on the Carbon Hill high school. I worked part-time at a local grocery store whereas my husband was employed at the high school, then catastrophe hit and my husband lost his job to a head injury. Though our community and the school helped a lot with my husband’s medical expenses and recovery ultimately taking care of my family became my responsibility and my part-time job became full time.
payday loans carbon hill alabama

payday loans carbon hill alabama

During an economic crisis, many things come forward in life. You learn lessons about savings and better financial planning. When we were hit with this situation the hardest thing was to explain it to the kids. Though kids are intuitive and do understand what the family may be going through its hard for their little minds to completely understand and behave accordingly. However, both my sons did a pretty good job of going along with the flow and understanding when we said no to a certain thing they wanted. That is why after almost a year of living like this when my son asked for a birthday party of a certain theme I could not say no. With my small income, we were living pretty much a day at a time, we could not afford this. My Husband was still recovering and was not going to be able to get back to work any time soon.

In this difficult time, I found a friend. Online payday loans came to my rescue and helped me plan a decent cowboy themed birthday party for my son. I had looked for all the supplies online at the cheapest possible rates and did as much of the stuff possible myself even though it meant staying up late at night. All I needed was around four two hundred dollars extra. So I took a payday loan.

A payday loan is a loan that any person in need of quick and easy cash can take. You take the loan on your need and return the amount as soon as your next salary comes in or you can go for an installment repayment plan. In Alabama these loans are legal and you can find many online payday lenders who give good deals within the rules set by the state.

There are three components to these loans:

  • The principle amount – this is the amount you want to borrow. The state allows a maximum of $500.
  • The tenure – this is the time for which you want to borrow. The state allows a loan for 10 to 31 days, however, lenders are obligated to provide an installment plan for repayment.
  • The interest rate – this is the interest which the lender takes for the loan. The state has set the limit at 17.5% if you pay on time, else the lender can charge around 3% per month of non-payment.

With these three factors in mind and a licensed lender you can borrow a small amount and return it in easy installments. This will make your life a little easy in difficult times. To apply for these loans all you need to do is go the selected lender’s website and fill a form. After submitting the application you will get the money within a day or two. So take advantage of this great financial instrument and bring a smile on loved ones face.

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