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Arkansas branches out from the Native America’s Kansa tribe. Kansas is her twin sister. Arkansas has been witness to a lot while its journey to its statehood. The twice elected President Bill Clinton is the son of this state.

payday loans ARKANSAS are outlawed

payday loans ARKANSAS are outlawed

It has diverse topography, mountains, rivers, valleys , forest, hot springs. More than half of the state is covered by the green sheet of forest. Like the physical features are amalgamation so is the social fabric of Arkansas. Economic growth has been roughly  in pace with   the  country. The major industries include agriculture trade, transport,  education and health services. It is house to the  world’s largest companies Wall Mart Stores and the largest poultry producer Tyson Foods besides other big giants namely, J.B Hunt, Dillard’s, Murphy and Wind stream. It has  around two dozen of Colleges and universities. Most of the youngsters have their bachelor’s degree. The people are educated and religious at the same time.

The culture is like canvas painted   by different colors and each color has its own importance. It has distinct cuisine, dialect and traditional festivals. The  topography has made the people sports loving. A variety of sports are played here ranging from football, baseball, basketball, hunting, and fishing. This keeps them connected with nature and improves their mental health.


The renters believe that there is no law in place to help them. They have come together to be heard. They opine that the owners do not give proper facilities   according to the rent charged. The conditions are unhealthy as rooms are dingy.

Stop cuts on Social Security and Medicare

The people have joined hands to build pressure on government for not reducing Social security and Medicare.

Every Worker deserves Living Wage

Arkansas Community Organization urged workers to raise their voice and ask for proper wages, paid leaves and health coverage and benefits.

Debt Campaign

The people have grievance against the money lenders. They charge exorbitant rate of interest.

There are some terms and condition which are not told clearly by the lender. The borrower is lured into payday loans and title loans Without the permission of the borrower the loan is renewed if the person is unable to pay it on due day. These rollovers charge new fee and the interest also gets accumulated, in fact the person pays more than what he had borrowed.

In the title loan it was observed the money lender convinced the person to take loan against collateral and when the loan was not paid in time, the vehicle was taken away .

The lenders coaxed the borrower to stretch the loan for longer period of time so that they can charge more interest,


The immigrants who give all the taxes are tried to brought to the main stream by legal process.

Payday loans are outlawed in Arkansas

Payday loans are short term loans with high rate of interest. Normally the amount  vary from $100 to $1000 taken for a period of almost two weeks. This kind of loan is taken by many to meet their unexpected financial exigencies for which they don’t have extra saved. So payday loan helps you to tide over to the next payday.

The Characteristics of online payday loan

Short term

High rate

No collateral

Arkansas rule on the dictum of true democracy- ‘’ The People’s Rule so the people came together to solve their problem.

When the people observed that they were being fleeced by the sharks in the name of interest so the people joined hands and came up with Arkansas Community Organization to raise voice against injustice. Thus when all this was brought to fore then the Government banned the payday lenders to do their business.

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