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Most affordable way to host Thanksgiving for the first time : PaydayOH

Hosting Thanksgiving for the first time? Don’t let this special day ruin your financial freedom. Read along for the best tips and tricks.

It can be daunting to host a holiday if you have never done it before, and Hosting Thanksgiving comes with a lot of responsibility for both you and your finances. But with a proper plan and preparation, you too can nail a thanksgiving dinner while staying on your budget.

Most affordable way to host Thanksgiving for the first time PaydayOH

Most affordable way to host Thanksgiving for the first time PaydayOH

Thanksgiving is not easy to host. There are high expectations on the items, and costs can quickly go up if you are not planning properly upfront.

It would be best if you had everything in order when it comes to the menu like the guest list, decorations so that you can plan your day and make it a bit relaxing. You can have any size gathering you want, but your guests will love spending time with the host. Don’t worry too much about the details. The most important part of hosting is to remember to enjoy yourself and your company.

Make a proper plan

The most important part of hosting a great thanksgiving dinner is proper planning. This will affect everything, from the food you’ll serve to how many guests you invite. Proper planning will require taking your budget into account as your budget is the key to everything. Without a budget, your finances will be in serious trouble.

Create your guest list nice and early as this will help you decide how big your bird should be, how much food, and where to place them. Order everything nice and early, including the bird. Waiting for the last minute may cause inflated prices.

Seek help

There is no shame in seeking help. In fact, you can only do so much alone, so consider asking your guests to bring something. People are usually happy to contribute. Giving them clear instructions on what they can get will help you delegate tasks to everyone. But, be sure that the guest you are seeking help lives nearby, and they can bring the food nice and warm.

Also, you may not have enough of certain items, especially if you have not hosted parties before. So ask your friend or family for any must-have party items before you go buying them. If you have any member who has hosted Thanksgiving the previous year, you may ask for essentials like turkey roasters and dinnerware. But make sure you don’t wait for the last moment to ask as they may lend it to someone else.

Buy smartly

A list is essential for any grocery shopping as it will cost you a lot to throw things in your cart without a plan. Make sure you have a list of all the ingredients you need to make your meals. It’s important to stick to your list once you have created it. Do not allow yourself to be tempted to add unnecessary items, as the grocery shops are designed to make you spend more than what is required. It’s important only to cook the food you love. You don’t have the luxury of cooking for guests on a tight budget.

You can also reduce the cost of grocery shopping by buying your ingredients several weeks in advance; prices usually increase around thanksgiving time, and try buying in bulk when there is a sale.

Cook everything yourself

We all know we pay more for convenience. Although it might be tempting to buy some pre-made meals, these are often not tasty and will jeopardize your cooking credibility. I recommend you cook everything fresh from scratch. I do understand the inconvenience, but your grocery bill will thank me later.

Skip Alcohol

Alcohol is notorious for increasing costs on any party. If it is a must among your friends, try delegating it to someone from the group or bringing your own drink theme party.

Cut corners on decoration

It can be fun to decorate for Thanksgiving, and I prefer doing some DIY methods on whatever I have on hand. Hobby Lobby is a wonderful place to find beautiful and affordable decor to bring into your home. You can decorate your yard with gourds and pumpkins, herbs or dried grasses. These are just a few of the great decor ideas. However, if you have to buy something, make sure it is natural and used for multiple seasons. Make sure whatever you get can be used after the thanksgiving dinner as well. Please keep it simple and minimalist. The main attraction is your food, not decoration, especially when you are on a budget.

Do not waste food

You can maximize your bang for bucks by making a little extra. This will ensure you have leftovers for you to grind on for the next week or so and save up on grocery expenses.

Nothing is better than knowing that your meals will be prepared for the busy weekend following Thanksgiving. You can freeze leftovers if you are still left with them after a few days. Even though you may be tired of them, it is still nice to have a quick meal in the freezer, especially during busy Christmas seasons ahead of you.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best tips and tricks to host Thanksgiving on a budget in 2021. Thanksgiving is a tradition, and we don’t want your finances to ruin the day for you. But we understand how difficult this year might have been for your finances, and it can be difficult to manage everything on a fixed budget. Many other expenses are hard to predict, so to make things a bit more flexible for your wallet, you can take a quick payday loan. These loans have no credit check, so anyone with full-time employment can avail of the loan. You can apply for the loan today and get approval within an hour. For more information, you can visit Payday OH website.

We wish you all the very best for the upcoming holiday season and would love to hear back from you. So don’t hesitate to comment and let us know your thoughts.

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