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If you need a small amount of loan to say $1000, however, you need it immediately then the normal well-known loans may not help you. Though banks also give personal loans for such instances, however, they take a long time to process and be delivered to you. What can you do in such times, you can check the option of payday loans.

online payday loans

Bad Credit Accepted - Instant Approval online payday loans

Payday loans are small cash advances given against your next salary. You take the loan amount today and pay it back along with the finance charges within a few days or as soon as your salary comes. The process of applying for a payday loan ohio is very simple.

Follow the below steps to get the loan of your choice:


  1. Find out if payday loans are legal in your state. Almost all the states in the country allow online payday loans ohio lending barring a few. Thirty-two states in the country allow payday loan with some laws surrounding them. These are Alabama, Alaska, California, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming. While Maine, Oregon, and Colorado permit low-cost lending. The rest of the states do not allow payday lending. If you are in the states permitting the payday lending you are good to go.

  2. Find a lender that operates in your state. The popular lenders in the country have a presence in multiple states. They operate both through stores and online and you can apply for the loan at the store or from their websites itself. Some of the popular lenders in the United States are Speedy Cash, Cash and Go, Check into Cash. You can visit their websites to check if they operate in your state.

  3. Once you have zeroed down on a lender, get your documents ready. If you apply at a store directly you may need physical copies of the documentation. If you choose to apply online then you may need to scan your documents and upload them to the website. The documents that the lenders usually ask for are an identification proof, an income proof and, account related information. This is a generic list, some lenders may ask for other details also.

  4. Understand the terms of the loans, i.e. how much payday loans online amount you can get, what will be the rate of interest on this amount and what other finance charges you may be asked to pay. Check the due date of the loan and the final amount which you will be paying back to the lender.

  5. Fill the application form and wait for approval. Approval in case of online payday loans ohio is instant or is done within a few minutes or hours. Approval time usually depends on the proof of income or other documentation you may have provided.

  6. Once approved, you will get the loan amount in your checking account within one business day.

In case the payday loan is not legal in your state or does not suit your needs, then you may need to look for other options like:


  • Traditional loans: this takes a long time to process compared to payday loans.
  • Salary advance from employer: this option may not be available to all consumers as it largely depends on the employer.
  • Borrow from family: this is the simplest option to get a quick loan, but this option comes with a huge amount of judgment.

So as you have seen payday loan is one of the best option available to you if you want a small loan for a short duration.


People generally borrow payday loans when they are in worst need of urgent cash as these online short term loans deliver cash within less than 24 hours. But sometimes late repayment or lack of ability to pay back to lender ends up the borrower in a debt cycle. Worst case is when borrower is forced to renew his loan to pay off previous amount. At that he simply wanders that how can he get rid of this unwanted stress. I am sharing some steps which are very helpful in getting rid of this instant cash loan.


Steps to get rid of Payday Loans if needed


1. Don’t Panic and cancel your CPA immediately


Don’t panic with stress. This type of situation comes and goes when you are least prepared. Think about getting rid of it now and try to be prepared for very next time because immediate needs will not with your permission. First of all you need to cancel CPA. While online payday loans ohio lending you short term loan, lender setup a thing with your bank account which is called Continuous Payment Authority. It automatically allows lender to deduct cash from your account as per repayment terms whenever they like. If you fail to pay back in time, they may continue this deduction in name of extra charges or late fee. If there is less on no cash in your account, then payment will be bounced and bank will keep on charging for it. That’s why you should cancel your CPA first to stay away from extra money burden. There are two ways to do that. First way is to ask lending company to cancel it for your and second is to cancel it on your own by asking bank. But you have to mention to company that what they can do with you when you will not payback further.


2. Ensure it that there should be money in bank when check clears


When check bounces, it makes situation worse than otherwise bad. Some businesses will want to your take check in person while others do with your bank directly. So there should be maintained balance in your account so that they may not face bounce back.


3. Calculate your Owing


Create a spreadsheet and mention principal amounts in it, interest rates, loan fees and calculated repayment at the end of every loan period. These loans costs almost 400 percent per year to be paid before next salary day. Creation of this record will keep you motivated and reminded about repayments; it is not to scare you.


4. Try to pay as soon as and as much as possible You lender set a repayment plan for you but try to manage fast and pay bigger amount and before decided date. It will reduce loan length and interest implied on left behind amount.


5. Prepare a repayment plan All lending companies set a payment plan for their customer when they have already borrowed from them more than twice. But they will make it according to your comfort loan. So mention it to your lender on upfront basis that how much you can afford. Calculate that for how long your payday loans online ohio will last and how payment plan will cost you for whole loan life.


6. Slow down Loaning Try to make your loan borrowing smaller and smaller every time.


7. Make a habit of Budgeting Budgeting will help you lot in solving financial matters. Take a piece of paper and pen in starting of month. Mention your necessary expenses and monthly income on that sheet. Try to make guess that is there any outstanding expenses from previous month. Also determine that will there occur any unexpected expenses in following month. Look for the place where you can avoid spending money. The make your loan repayment with remaining amount.


8. Raise your money sources Try to earn extra money every month. If you have some free days in a month then you can utilize that time in doing overtime or any other part time job. This extra earned money can help you in paying back loan amount on early basis to your lender.


9. Cut off extra useless spending Usually monthly income is enough to meet household and social expenses. Limits are crossed when a person is fond of eating outside and traveling unnecessarily. So change this habit. Try to cook your food at home. This will also help on saving hospital expenses because there will be less chances of falling sick if you will eat home cooked food. Save your utility expenses by turning off electrical appliances and water taps after use. If you are going for shopping, better shop with a list.


10. Avoid making excuses of emergency expenses Not every time there is an emergency when you spend extra money on something. So don’t make an excuse of urgent need while payday loan. Auto repair expenses can be avoided for a month. You can use public transport which will cost your much lower than own car. There are other similar cases like avoiding going to social functions.


Don’t let yourself reach such a point where you need to think about getting rid of loan. Keep yourself prepared enough for emergency financial needs. Save a bit of money every month for future use.

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